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Which is better in China, baseball or football

2022-06-27 06:33Football coaches motivate players
Summary: What is the mentality of people who like watching baseball and football in ChinaIt has become a potential audience, which is constructed for the Chinese football audience. In addition, in contrast to
What is the mentality of people who like watching baseball and football in China
It has become a potential audience, which is constructed for the Chinese football audience. In addition, in contrast to the professional matches that have been planned for many years but have not been completed, the development of Chinese folk society football has been developing rapidly. At present, at least 30 organic football teams are active in folk customsWho is more promising, baseball or football
As far as the Oriental body style and the technWhich is better in China, baseball or footballical characteristics of sports are concerned, baseball is more suitable For example, Japan and South Korea are the world's leading baseball powers, and the world rankings have always been topCompared with football, which sport has a better development trend in China
After 1984, baseball became popular on a small scale on university campuses in the eastern region. In 1996, China won the second place in the Atlanta Olympic Games. By 2002, China had its own professional baseball league. In 2007, MLB entered China, giving the minority Chinese baseball a good opportunity to connect with the worldWhy the popularity of baseball, hockey and rugby in China is not high, and CCTV rarely broadcasts relevant games
Because baseball and rugby have not enough influence in China, and there are not many players. Therefore, if CCTV broadcasts, the audience is also very small, and the commercial development value is insufficient, which is the main reason for not broadcasting. In short, it can not make money by broadcasting these two events. Now some online sports platforms have broadcastWhich is the most popular American basketball, baseball and football? Why are basketball stars most popular in China
There are four major sports leagues in the United States. The sports represented by the four major sports leagues are baseball, ice hockey, rugby and basketball. In the United States, basketball has the lowest attention among the four leagues. Because NBA leagues take a global route, while other sports leagues take a domestic routeWhy are baseball and rugby less popular in the mainland than in Taiwan
It can be seen that the popularity of baseball in China is not a problem. Moreover, the current domestic popular sports have not been popular for a long time, and they all need a tipping point. For example, table tennis, football and basketball have corresponding events and figures in history. Baseball, not yetWhy don't Chinese like baseball and football
Let's say baseball and football. First of all, these ball games themselves do not originate in China. They lack the mass base of national sports. There is no such concept in the minds of children. Compared with table tennis, baseball and football are not balls! Secondly, I think the national level has not done enough in terms of popularizationWhy don't Chinese people play football and baseball
It's not that Which is better in China, baseball or footballI don't like them. It's because these two sports are not popular in China. Personally, I think the reasons are as follows: Rugby: physical confrontation is more demanding. Relatively thin Asians and burly Europeans and Americans are obviously not a kind of confrontation. This sport also has a certain coefficient of violence. Baseball: the rules are complicatedMost Chinese people don't like baseball. What's the reason
In addition to the above reasons, there are venues, professional and high-level coaches, media promotion, people's awareness, etc. baseball and rugby obviously do not have such soil in China. If we haven't done well in football, basketball and volleyball, don't focus too much on baseball and footballWhy is baseball, rugby and hockey not popular in the mainland, especially baseball
Venue, equipment: Venue: however, according to statistics, golf is said to be a sport of very few people. At present, there are more golf courses than baseball courses in China. Of course, that's why baseball has so few people. However, there are too few professional baseball fields for baseball lovers to experience
Which is better in China, baseball or football

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